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Solr eCommerce Search & Navigation

Apache Solr provides a strong platform for eCommerce Search and Navigation. Solr's scalability and flexibility allow for online merchants to easily adapt to meet the peak demands of seasonal traffic, and Lucene's raw search power can be amply leveraged to meet any retailer's requirements. A significant increase in the adoption of Solr in eCommerce platforms such as SAP Hybris, Websphere Commerce, Magento, SiteCore, Episerver and Magento has increased adoption in some of the world's most recognized websites.




Solr is the popular, blazing fast open source search platform with powerful features and unparalleled scalability and reliablity. Solr powers search and navigation for many of the world's largest online retail sites and provides a solid foundation for any merchant. There are many benefits to using Solr including:

  • Strong relevancy to deliver the right product results based on the shopper's query
  • Transparency into tuning and optimization of search results
  • Reliable, scalable and fault tolerant
  • Merchandising ability to enhance results for more favorable ROI using Solr boosting
  • Ability to create feedback loops from analytics, inventory and accounting systems
  • High adoption amongst many of the world's most well known retailers
  • Eliminate license fees and avoid additional costs based on index size or query counts
  • No blackbox or vendor lock-in, and Solr is built using open standards
  • Active ecosystem that delivers new features at a very rapid pace


eCommerce Search, navigation and merchandising work hand-in-hand to help shoppers become buyers and Solr has all the features needed to deliver a great experience. Powerful features such as relevancy, item promotion, boosting, and dynamic faceted navigation are readily available. Solr's main features include:

  • Blazing fast search results and indexing
  • Built-in support for rich autocomplete
  • Powerful product recommendation capabilities
  • Search results highlighting
  • Extensive support for guided navigation and faceted search
  • Near real time indexing
  • Geospatial capabilities
  • Spell correction, linguistics, stemming and synonyms
  • Flexibility to incorporate data from related sources such as product specifications, blog entries, among others
  • Easy to integrate
  • Can be installed on-premise or in the cloud


Innovent Solutions has helped many top Internet Retailer clients deploy eCommerce Search solutions and can offer you a wealth of best-practice services. Our services provide measurable ROI in terms of overall cost savings and/or improved customer experiences that translate into increased conversions, revenue and profitablity.

In our experience, most implementation projects are measured in terms of weeks and do not require months-long development cycles. We work with our clients on a scoped project basis that outlines specific deliverables, timeframes and success criteria with the goal of ensuring on-time delivery. We offer the following, flexible engagement models, which can be customized to meet your needs:

  • Turnkey Implementation: Designed for clients who want a fast time-to-market implementation carried out by Solr and eCommerce experts. Includes installation and configuration, data indexing design and implementation, and website integration.
  • Deployment Consulting: Designed to augment your staff with our Solr expertise to accelerate your implementation, reduce risk and alleviate costly R&D.
  • Solr Relevancy Tuning and Optimization: Focused services specifically designed to extract maximum value out of your Solr implementation. We work with business users, technical staff and other stakeholders to discover and understand perceived issues, review and make sense of search behavior and tune Solr accordingly.
  • Platform integration: For clients using Solr with platforms such as SAP Hybris, Webspere Commerce, SiteCore or Magento, we can improve and optimize Solr's performance and results using best practice approaches for Solr configuration and integration.
  • Support: For clients that are in the development and deployment phase, or in production with Solr, we offer on-demand and SLA-based Solr support models. We also offer periodic health check services to assess system operations as well as address relavancy issues.

Merchandising for Solr

Leveraging our many years of experience deploying eCommerce search solutions to IR100 clients, Innovent provides a powerful product for easily implementing and deploying sophisticated merchandising strategies for Apache Solr. Called FindTuner®, the online merchandising solution is designed to enable eCommerce website merchandisers to implement strategies that will influence or affect search results, as well as influence content in merchandising zones, all without the need to engage IT resources. FindTuner includes tools for:

  • Machine Learning to continuously improve search results based on shopper behavior.
  • Merchandising strategy management, with multiple targets and actions available for any strategy.
  • Curated results definition.
  • Display banners based upon search contents and results.
  • Redirects for common searches such as Customer Service or Shipping.
  • Data-driven boost strategy creation and control to influence search results.
  • Guided Navigation display to hide and show attribute categories and values.
  • Product tuning to hide, show, promote, demote, and perform other complex actions.
  • Merchandising zone definition to hide, show, promote, demote, and perform other complex actions.
  • Segmentation and context definition.
  • Management of large strategy sets.

Accessed through the browser, FindTuner is capable of handling authorization for strategies by individual merchandisers within the organization. If you would like to learn more about FindTuner or our merchandising consulting services, please visit the FindTuner website or Contact Us today to see how we can help you.