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The search landscape is in the midst of a profound transformation, as traditional keyword search gives way to cutting-edge AI technologies. In order to stay competitive companies must quickly adapt to the changing technologies and user needs.

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Our expertise empowers businesses to seamlessly adapt to the latest advancements in search. Our tailored search solutions and strategic insights ensure that you not only keep pace with this rapid evolution but also harness its potential to drive growth and innovation.

Comprehensive Search Solutions from Industry Leaders

We offer a deep understanding of search, bridging the gap between business and technology teams. Our expert search solutions, powered by cutting-edge tools, are designed to swiftly solve your challenges and meet your goals. We’re all about making better decisions faster, saving you time and money.

Apache Solr

Apache Solr

Our Solr consulting and implementation services prioritize end-user success and deliver optimized, scalable solutions that yield rich and relevant results.



We deliver Elasticsearch consulting, integration, implementation and relevancy tuning services for enterprise, ecommerce and big data search.



We provide OpenSearch consulting, integration, implementation, and relevancy tuning services for enterprise, eCommerce, and big data search.



FindTuner is a powerful and easy-to-use web application that allows eCommerce merchandisers to plan, create, customize and refine the way site visitors search and experience an eCommerce website.

Vector Search

Our vector search consulting services will help you understand what is possible in the dynamic landscape of vector search. We help pinpoint optimal use cases and technology solutions that drive tangible business results. Leverage our search expertise to streamline your R&D and achieve your goals quicker.

eCommerce Search

An efficient shopping experience is essential in today's competitive eCommerce landscape. That's why we've honed our expertise in crafting powerful eCommerce search solutions that lead to increased engagement, satisfaction, and conversions.

Search Merchandising

We work with you to implement search merchandising solutions that provide relevant and efficient experiences that will convert shoppers into buyers. Our strategic approach places products front and center and finely tuned to each and every shoppers unique needs and habits.

Enterprise Search

Search engine applications are a crucial tool for managing information across the enterprise. We specialize in streamlining complex data from intranet and extranet sites, document repositories, business applications and business intelligence databases in order to boost productivity.

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