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Superior SAP Commerce Solr search relevancy tuning and merchandising solutions that deliver the products your shoppers want to buy.

Are shoppers easily finding what they’re looking for?

Delivering great search results from SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) Solr can at times feel overwhelming. You need to ensure relevancy and optimal performance and perhaps don’t know where to begin. Our Solr relevancy tuning services are dedicated to addressing these challenges, and with our expertise in SAP Commerce Hybris Solr, we can make measurable improvements in a short amount of time.

Boost conversions with our trusted Solr experts.

We provide unrivaled SAP Commerce Solr search configuration, integration, relevancy tuning and merchandising solutions that deliver the products your shoppers want to buy. Our experience in SAP eCommerce search, along with our deep Solr expertise, enables us to achieve improvements quickly and efficiently. Partner with us to take SAP Commerce to a new level and deliver highly relevant Solr search results that improve the quality of the shopper experience and increase conversions.

Search Optimization for
SAP Commerce and Solr

We tune Solr for SAP Commerce enabling shoppers to effortlessly discover what they seek, so you can reach your goals faster.

  • Dramatically improve search and category results.
  • Enrich content using machine learning, entity extraction, classification, and metadata.
  • Improve autocomplete results in the search box.
  • Optimize for mobile.
  • Effectively utilize clickstream, purchase history, and personalization KPI’s to improve search.
  • Drive uplift using metrics such as sales margin, inventory, geo location, popularity, and search analytics.

SAP Commerce Solr Relevancy Tuning

Our Solr relevancy tuning services are designed to deliver lightning-fast, precisely relevant results that maximize shopper satisfaction. Using our proven methodology along with traditional and modern techniques, we work with business users, technical staff and other stakeholders to systematically review and analyze search behavior and tune Solr accordingly.


SAP Commerce Merchandising with FindTuner

FindTuner is a search merchandising solution that works seamlessly with SAP Commerce Cloud. Whether you want to boost a few products, precisely position products in the most valuable positions, curate the perfect search experience for a marketing campaign or target segments to maximize conversion, FindTuner has all the tools to make you successful. FindTuner uses machine learning to automatically tune search and category results by continuously learning from shopper behavior, purchase history and buying patterns to deliver the best results with no manual effort.

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Unleash the full potential of SAP Commerce and Solr for elevated shopper satisfaction and business growth.