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Our customers value our expertise in creating BIRT solutions that perfectly align with their industry and organizational needs, ensuring efficiency and best practices at every step.

When you choose Innovent Solutions, you can expect expert BIRT consulting,  insights and support that empower your organization to achieve cost-effective, data-driven success.

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Innovent Solutions specializes in implementing Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT), a robust open-source platform for report and chart generation. With our expert BIRT consulting, you can harness BIRT’s comprehensive features, rivaling commercial BI tools while enjoying cost-effective solutions.

Partner with us to unlock BIRT’s potential, enhance reporting efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

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Innovent can help your team design and build the BIRT platform they desire in a cost-effective manner, using either open source BIRT or a commercial application of the technology from OpenText. Our experience with all aspects of BIRT combined with our expertise in building business intelligence solutions will accelerate your teams’ adoption of BIRT. Additionally, we have extensive experience with products that embed BIRT, including Maximo, Kronos TeleStaff, SuccessFactors, Blackboard, and others.

Innovent Solutions delivers BIRT consulting services that cover the entire range of BIRT technology and product development lifecycle including:

  • Architecture and strategy
  • BIRT Report Design
  • BIRT Development and implementation
  • System and application integration
  • Extension and customization of BIRT

BIRT Training

Innovent Solutions offers a comprehensive BIRT training program, equipping BIRT report developers and business analysts with the skills to create complete BIRT reporting systems efficiently.


The training covers key aspects of report development, deployment, and best practices, aiming to simplify the process, harness BIRT’s capabilities, facilitate team collaboration, reduce maintenance costs, and adapt to evolving requirements. Our program includes instructor-led courses focusing on three core BIRT development tasks: Building Reports, Integration, and Extension, comprising of lectures and hands-on exercises.

BIRT Support

Innovent offers comprehensive BIRT support services, catering to clients in various stages of their business intelligence and analytics applications.

Development Support provides access to BIRT experts for guidance on architecture, design, and development, code reviews for BIRT reports and BIRT API customizations, and best practice advice for overall development.

Deployment Support focuses on BIRT performance tuning and environment optimization as well as assistance with server sizing, scalability, load balancing, and operational guidance.

Production Support provides annual, subscription-based support to clients who have deployed applications and desire reliable, SLA-based support. BIRT support plans are designed to provide a specific set of services, which can also be customized to meet your needs. We provide proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance, reducing the likelihood of potential issues and ensuring a stable BIRT environment.

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