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We deliver highly optimized, scalable Apache Solr solutions that provide rich, relevant results.

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Implementing and tuning search technology presents many unique challenges that can at times seem daunting. You need to ensure relevancy, optimal performance, reliability and scalability.
Our Solr consulting and best practice services are dedicated to addressing these challenges, guiding you through the intricacies of Solr configuration, index design, data ingestion, query optimization, and overall Solr architecture to unlock maximum value from your Solr implementation.

Solr Consulting services that deliver the results you're looking for.

Whether you are embarking on a Solr implementation and would like to leverage Solr experts from the outset or you have an existing Solr solution and want to ensure it is following best practices for configuration, optimization and relevancy, we have the Solr consultants that will save you time and money and quickly deliver the outcomes you desire. Our Solr consulting will help you leverage Solr’s features to navigate the road ahead giving you confidence that it will grow with your organization and be a reliable tool for years to come.

Unrivaled Solr Consulting Services

With experience from near Solr’s inception, our expertise stands as a testament to navigating the evolution of search technology. Our Solr consulting is at the forefront, adapting and harnessing the latest features to drive businesses toward their next level of success.

Solr Advisory Services

Our best practice services provide tailored insights and strategic recommendations to address any Solr requirements. Our Solr consulting and advisory puts your search platform on solid footing with best practice advice. Review how Solr is setup and configured and provide recommendations for improvement. Improve the experience of search-users as they search and discover content. Scale Solr for current and future search volume.

Solr Relevancy Tuning

Our Solr relevancy tuning services are designed to deliver lightning-fast, precisely relevant results that maximize user satisfaction. Using our proven methodology along with traditional and modern techniques, we work with business users, technical staff and other stakeholders to systematically review and analyze search behavior and tune Solr accordingly.

Solr Training

We offer comprehensive Apache Solr training that will take developers and system administrators to the next level with Solr. Our courses cover development and deployment to prepare you to tackle real-world search requirements and apply best practices to develop scalable, highly available, high performance Solr applications.

Solr Enterprise Search

Our Solr consulting for Enterprise Search redefines how organizations access and leverage critical information, driving efficiency, collaboration, and strategic decision-making. Whether you are considering an index with millions or even billions of documents sourced from many different content repositories, or are seeking solutions for realtime or near-realtime indexing, our solutions address any challenges presented by the broad spectrum of an enterprise data corpus.

Solr eCommerce

Solr powers search and navigation for many of the world's largest online retail sites and can provide a solid foundation for any merchant seeking to provide exceptional search experiences. Leverage our expertise for fast time-to-market. Leverage our Solr consulting services to deliver unparalleled search experiences that directly translate into higher conversion rates, revenue and profitability.


Solr Search Merchandising

FindTuner is a feature-rich search merchandising product that provides pitch-perfect search experiences for online retailers that use Solr. FindTuner shows shoppers the products they want to buy, continually improves shopper experience with machine learning, responds to shopper behavior and trends, and remove barriers to superior search.

Solr Support

We provide Apache Solr support for clients that are in the design and build phases or have deployed Solr applications that required technical support for troubleshooting and problem resolution. Solr support plans are designed to provide a specific set of services, which can also be customized to meet your needs. We offer on-demand support as well as annual, subscription-based support.

Solr for SAP Commerce

We implement and optimize SAP Commerce (hybris) Solr search solutions that enable shoppers to find products reliably and quickly, improving the quality of the shopper experience and increasing conversions.

Solr Vector Search

Our Solr vector search consulting services will help you understand what is possible in the dynamic landscape of vector search. We help pinpoint optimal use cases and technology solutions that drive tangible business results. Leverage our search domain expertise to streamline your R&D efforts and achieve your goals quicker.

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