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Vector Search for Better Experiences

In the fast-moving landscape of search technology, vector search is coming to the forefront as a robust alternative, and in many cases a complement, to traditional keyword search which often struggles with the complexities of human language and the specifics of what users are really looking for. Business and technical professionals alike grapple with results that don’t quite hit the mark especially when it comes to dealing with long-tail queries, a wide range of user vocabulary, and inevitable typos. With online engagement becoming more intricate and personalized, there’s a growing need for search technologies that can navigate this complexity accurately to deliver more relevant results.

Vector Search Considerations

Vector search technology delivers results that are relevant to the user’s intent, even if the exact keywords are not present in the content. From a technical perspective, it does this by converting data (e.g. articles, documents, products) and queries into high-dimensional vectors that encapsulate semantic meaning. Search users get the benefit of more natural, conversational experiences while organizations benefit from less manual optimizations and increased engagement. However, adopting vector search is not without challenges and it requires careful planning, rigorous testing, and solid deployment processes to ensure success. Important considerations include:


  • Foundational model selection for suitability to the use case.
  • Tuning for your accuracy in your specific domain.
  • Scoring functions, multi-stage retrieval, and reranking.
  • Assessing and optimizing compute resources.
  • Testing and measurement of model performance for your use cases.

Vector Search Consulting from Experts

Our vector search consulting services will help you understand what is possible in this dynamic landscape. We help pinpoint optimal use cases and technology solutions that drive tangible business results. Leverage our search domain expertise in areas that include eCommerce, omnichannel, medical research, healthcare, legal, music, knowledge base and many more, to streamline your R&D efforts and achieve your goals quicker. Partner with us for:

  • Strategy and assessment of your current search landscape to identify opportunities for vector search implementation.
  • Architecture for a highly available solution that scales for current and future volume.
  • Foundational model selection and fine-tuning for your business domain and use cases.
  • Integration services to integrate vector search into new and existing systems and search frameworks.
  • Evaluation and implementation of hybrid search systems.
  • Optimization and scaling of indexing, query execution and infrastructure for high availablity and performance.
  • In-depth reporting and analysis of search information and usage.

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