Pitch Perfect Search on Solr

FindTuner empowers retailers to provide profitable, effortless product discovery experiences.

Solr Search Optimization Made Easy

Our expertise lies in enhancing Solr for ecommerce businesses like yours, aiming to offer shoppers exceptional search experiences. What’s more, we’ve developed a convenient solution to achieve the outcomes you’ve been seeking:

  • Minimize manual optimization
  • Automatically improve product relevance
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Plus much more

Happier Shoppers with Less Work

FindTuner is a feature-rich Solr search merchandising product that provides pitch-perfect search experiences for online retailers that use Apache Solr. FindTuner shows shoppers the products they want to buy, continually improves shopper experience with machine learning, responds to shopper behavior and trends, and remove barriers to superior search.

Boost Search Performance with FindTuner

FindTuner delivers the perfect balance of automation and customization, empowering retailers to anticipate customer needs and provide profitable,
effortless, and unmatched product discovery experiences with Apache Solr.

Machine Learning

Drive the most relevant results and respond quickly to trends using shopper behavior, buying patterns, your analytics and proven machine learning models.

Product & Category Merchandising

Ensure perfect visibility of products, brands and categories. Respond to new product launches, promote seasonal items and act quickly to trends.

Shopper Experience

Show the right results at the right time with contextual promotions. Highlight important products, curate navigation and deliver the ideal experience.

What Customers are Saying

FindTuner is faster, more powerful and easier to use than previous tools, meaning Digital Merchants can be more effective and faster in executing their tactics and strategies.

FindTuner has provided a massive, positive impact on the development of onsite merchandising as an expertise field in the company. Since implementation, click-through rate on product listing pages has increased dramatically.

Innovent was a terrific partner as we migrated to FindTuner and Solr. The new search platform and tools provide our merchandisers with more control and precision to create a shopper-centric search and navigation experience.

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Experience the impact of advanced search capabilities firsthand, transforming user experiences and driving tangible results for your business.