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Solr Training

Utilizing materials developed by our partner, Lucidworks, Innovent is well qualified to help search application developers master Lucene and Solr. Based on our real-world experience, our Apache Solr training covers development and deployment to prepare you to tackle real-world search application requirements. Through a combination of lectures, hands-on, workshop-style lab exercises and examples and tutorials, students will learn to apply best practices to develop scalable, high availability and high performance Solr applications.


View Solr Unleashed course curriculum.

View Solr Under the Hood course curriculum.


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Baltimore, MD - 24, 20169:00AM-5:00PM$1,600Register
Baltimore, MD - 26, 20169:00AM - 5:00PM$1,600Register
San Francisco, CA - 09, 20169:00AM-5:00PM$1,600Register
San Francisco, CA - 11, 20169:00AM-5:00PM$1,600Register
New York, NY - 23, 20169:00AM-5:00PM$1,600Register
New York, NY - 25, 20169:00AM-5:00PM$1,600Register
Chicago, IL - 27, 20169:00AM-5:00PM$1,600Register
Chicago, IL - 29, 20169:00AM-5:00PM$1,600Register