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Magento Solr Search Extension

Apache Solr with Magento empowers your eCommerce site with search results that are more accurate and relevant to your shoppers.


Solr allows you to craft unique search strategies to take advantage of unique promotions, powerful boosting techniques, and its flexible and capable linguistics libraries. Leverage your customer and inventory information to guide your customers to profitable, highly-relevant results. Hide and display products within your search results based upon promotions, and blend your entire strategy together with a flexible solution that grows with you.


Solr is a scalable solution that is used by companies such as Zappos, Sears, Apple, Netflix, AOL, IBM, and many more. If you are seeking integrate Solr and Magento, Innovent has the expertise to help you.


Solr for Magento Enterprise Edition

The primary task to be completed is the installation of Solr into a web application container, which can be hosted at your site, your hosting partner or in a public or private cloud. For a project of this type, Innovent typically delivers the following, which we can perform quickly and efficiently:

  • Install Solr onto a single server or multiple servers for a high-availability environment
  • Configure Solr to work with a pre-configured, Magento-ready schema
  • Establish baseline tests, performance metrics and perform relevancy tuning
  • Provide Solr-basics education
  • Provide documentation, knowledge transfer and post-installation Q&A time

Solr for Magento Community Edition

For Magento Community Edition, Innovent provides Solr installation and configuration services as noted above. Additionally we offer a prebuilt, tested and proven Magento Solr search extension that works within Magento's architecture. The Magento Solr search extension, called SolrConnect, accelerates the implementation process, providing similar features as found in Magento Enterprise Edition but delivers many value-added features that help site administrators and business users to maintain Solr search, including:

  • Enhanced Attribute Configuration
  • Relevancy Management
  • One-button reindexing capabilities
  • Incremental Indexing
  • Autocomplete (search as you type)

FindTuner for Magento

FindTuner for Magento is a merchandising solution that provides the ability to create personalized shopper experiences and helps reduce the time for shoppers to find products and get to the checkout stage. FindTuner takes Magento merchandising to a new level allowing you to increase conversion, align merchandising and marketing strategies, optimize the digital shelf and provide better customer experiences. Please visit the FindTuner website for more information.


Solr Magento Extension in Action

Browse the images below to get a feel for our Solr Magento extension and please Contact Us today for a demonstration of these powerful capabilities.