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Solr Training

Solr Operations, Scaling & Tuning

Solr Operations, Scaling & Tuning training is a 2-day instructor-led, hands-on classroom training course that teaches the skills necessary for installing and configuring Solr for production, including ZooKeeper and security. Attendees also learn various operational procedures and how to scale SolrCloud for best performance.




Course Outline

Topic Description


Introduction to Search, Open Source and Apache

Terminology, Solr features & capabilities

Solr architecture overview; Scalability, Security, Connectors, Middleware

Operations, Monitoring, Query analytics

Installation of ZooKeeper and SolrCloud


Cluster configuration, start, stop

Configuring Ports, JVM/GC settings, ZK, Solr Home and SSL

Managing ZooKeeper with

ZK Structure, CLI options and operations, Changing and distributing Solr config

Backup / restore

Using the Backup API, Restoring with the Collections API

Upgrading Solr

Upgrading major versions, Upgrading minor versions, Upgrading SolrCloud Clusters

Securing Solr cluster with SSL

Generate and install a certificate, Enabling authentication

Securing ZK operations

Protecting ZK content with ACLs, CredentialProviders, ACLProviders

Authentication & Authorization

Pluggable Security framework, Basic authentication, Rule-based authorization, Security API

Sizing basics

Sizing for data volume, indexing rate, query performance and high availability

Feeding efficiency

Feeding efficiency, commit strategy, MergeFactor, Query Warmup

Query & cache tuning

Query tuning, cache tuning, cache warming

How to benchmark performance

Performance testing basics, Indexing & Query Performance

Hardware and JVM options

Hardware considerations, GC & Memory usage, Java VM options

Growing a running cluster

Adding nodes, replicas/slaves and shards

Multiple Data Centers

Understanding Cross Data Center Replication

Who Should Attend?

This course is intended for System Administrators and Developers who are involved in installing, operating, scaling and securing a Solr cluster.


  • Familiarity with using a command line (console, shell) to execute basic commands.
  • Some Linux and shell experience is a plus.


Instructor-led lectures accompanied by hands-on lab exercises, examples, and tutorials.

Course Materials

Participants receive electronic copies of all slides and handouts, as well as links to other resources and code downloads.