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FindTuner® - Solr Merchandising Solution

Leveraging our many years of experience deploying eCommerce Search solutions to Internet Retailer 100 clients, Innovent delivers a powerful product for easily defining and deploying merchandising strategies for eCommerce sites using the Apache Solr search engine.

Called FindTuner, the online merchandising application is designed to enable eCommerce store merchandisers the ability to implement strategies that influence or affect search results, as well as influence content in merchandising zones, all without the need to engage IT resources. FindTuner enables merchandisers to implement strategies for product promotions, guided navigation, curated results pages, banners, redirects and much more.

FindTuner provides merchandisers the ability to blend the art of merchandising and the science of search to improve the customer experience and positively contribute to bottom-line results. FindTuner enables merchandisers to feature products and promotions in ways that drive sales, increase average order value and boost conversions.




  • Increase conversion rates
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Optimize revenue and profitability
  • Create merchandising strategies that provide high-quality, relevant search results
  • Create merchandising strategies driven by metrics, keywords, campaigns and more
  • Easy-to-Use, intuitive user interface that puts the power in the hands of business users
  • Enables planning and testing of merchandising strategies




  • Merchandising strategy creation, with multiple targets and actions available for any strategy
  • Rich set of actions including:
    • Metrics-driven boost strategy creation and control to dynamically rank search results
    • Product tuning to hide, show, promote, demote, and perform other complex actions
    • Curated results definition
    • Guided navigation to order, hide and show categories and values
    • Banner display based upon search query and results, organic search and PPC campaigns.
    • Redirects for common searches such as Customer Service or Shipping
    • Merchandising zone strategies to hide, show, promote, demote, and perform other complex actions
    • Segmentation and context definitions
    • Zero-results handling
  • Organize strategies with smart tagging
  • Ability to define strategies for multiple storefronts
  • Security: built-in authentication or LDAP integration
  • Audit trail of all aspects of the system
  • Scalable to support thousands of strategies and queries per second
  • Easy to integrate REST-ful interface




Please visit the FindTuner website for more information on how FindTuner can help you to take your Solr powered eCommerce site to the next level.