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Apache Solr

Solr Consulting

Innovent delivers Apache Solr consulting, architecture, integration and implementation services for numerous clients, of varying sizes and in a variety of industries including Retail, Publishing, High Tech, Government and Media. These services are for projects that can be characterized as behind-the-firewall, enterprise search projects, which provide employees access to corporate data to enable productivity, or outside-the-firewall, customer facing applications such as website search and eCommerce search. We are experienced using Solr for Big Data, NoSql projects as well.


With the success of the end user at the forefront, our services are designed to provide highly optimized, scalable Solr solutions that provide rich, relevant results. At a high-level, our services include:

  • Solr installation, configuration and integration
  • Distributed search strategies, including SolrCloud, Zookeeper and related technologies
  • Architecture for a highly available solution that scales for current and future volume
  • Architecture for disaster recovery and replication
  • High performance data ingestion pipelines
  • Index optimization to ensure relevancy
  • Solr optimization, performance tuning, load balancing and load testing
  • In-depth reporting and analysis of search information and usage
  • Certified Solr Training


Solr Enterprise Search

Lucene and Solr are extremely powerful technologies that offer a wealth of tools for enterprise search. Whether you are considering an index with millions or even billions of documents sourced from many different content repositories, or are seeking solutions for realtime or near-realtime indexing, Lucene and Solr can be molded to provide solutions that fit the broad spectrum of the enterprise data corpus. Solutions may be designed to crawl intranet sites and document repositories, or  gather data from multiple repositories such as SharePoint, databases, content managements systems and the like.  Data can federated into collections and sub-collections to present information from multiple sources seamlessly. Our experiences include providing security integration to enable authentication and authorization, at times through different mechanisms. Based on your requirements, our solutions may also address important areas such as:

  • Metadata strategies
  • Results clustering
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Content processing
  • Entity extraction
  • Linguistics
  • Multiple language support

Please visit our Solr Enterprise Search page or Contact Us today to discuss how we can help you.


Solr eCommerce

Apache Solr provides a strong platform for eCommerce search and merchandising. Solr's scalability and flexibility allow for merchants to easily adapt to meet the peak demands of seasonal traffic, and Lucene's raw search power can be leveraged to meet any retailer's requirements. A significant increase in the adoption of Solr in eCommerce platforms is increasing interest in deploying the technology for eCommerce search. Our services include:

  • Data preparation services to optimize indexing and quality of search
  • Search result analysis and tuning
  • Performance tuning and load testing
  • Connectivity to analytics, reviews, and other 3rd party applications
  • Integration with existing eCommerce platforms and applications
  • Customized merchandising features for eCommerce sites
  • Web application integration services
  • In-depth reporting and analysis of search information

Please visit our Solr for eCommmerce Search & Navigation page or Contact Us today to discuss how we can help you.


Solr Merchandising

Solr Merchandising Solution

Leveraging our many years of experience deploying eCommerce Search solutions to Internet Retailer top 1000 clients, Innovent has designed a powerful product for easily implementing and deploying merchandising strategies for any eCommerce search technology. Called FindTuner®, our solution is designed to enable eCommerce website merchandisers to implement complex rules that will influence or effect search results, as well as influence content in merchandising zones, all without the need to engage IT resources. FindTuner includes tools for:

  • Merchandising rule management, with multiple triggers and actions available for any rule.
  • Landing page definition and manipulation rule management.
  • Banner management and rule definition to display banners based upon search contents and results.
  • Redirect rule management and rule definition.
  • Boost strategy creation and control to manipulate search results.
  • Guided Navigation display rules to hide and show attribute categories and values.
  • Product display and manipulation rules to hide, show, promote, demote, and perform other complex actions.
  • Merchandising zone manipulation rules to hide, show, promote, demote, and perform other complex actions.
  • Segmentation and context definitions for rules.

Accessed through the browser, FindTuner is capable of handling authorization for rules by individual merchandisers within the organization. If you would like to learn more about FindTuner or our Merchandising consulting services, please visit our Solr eCommerce Merchandising page or Contact Us today to see how we can help you.


Solr Relevancy

Solr Query Optimization, Performance & Relevancy Tuning

While the search technology itself is a large part of a successful solution, tuning of search results to ensure quality is equally as important. Innovent Solutions provides Solr relevancy tuning services specifically targeted to search quality that are designed to surface and enhance highly relevant information. Using our proven methodology, Innovent works with business users, technical staff and other stakeholders to systematically review and analyze search behavior and tune Solr accordingly. Work with us to:

  • Dramatically improve keyword search results
  • Tune for precision and recall
  • Enrich content using machine learning, entity extraction, classification, and metadata
  • Improve autocomplete results in the search box
  • Gracefully handle multi word searches and synonyms
  • Enhance Solr query performance

Please visit our Solr Relevancy Tuning page or Contact Us today to discuss how we can help you improve your search results.


Solr Advisory Services

Solr Advisory Services

If you are embarking on a Solr implementation and would like to leverage Solr experts from the outset and throughout the project, or you have an existing Solr solution and want to ensure it is following best practices for configuration, optimization and effectiveness, Innovent offers Solr advisory and consulting services that are designed to:

  • Put your Solr solution on solid footing with advisement on architecture and all-around best practice advice.
  • Review how your Solr search solution is setup and configured and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Consult and provide recommendations for improving search relevancy.
  • Improve the experience of search-users as they search and discover content.
  • Help you scale for current and future search volume.

Please visit our Solr Advisory Services page or Contact Us today to discuss how we can help you.