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Apache Solr

Solr Autocomplete

Autocomplete is a must-have feature for any search application. Autocomplete provides users with suggested queries or results as a query is typed in the search box. When autocomplete is implemented correctly users have a better search experience which postively impacts factors such as user satisfaction, conversions, revenue and customer loyalty. There are many benefits to implementing autocomplete including:

  • Instantly provide a preview of available, matching queries, articles, products, brands, recommendations and/or related content
  • Improve the accuracy of queries and reduce the likelihood of misspelled queries
  • Guide users to the content they want quickly

Common Solr autocomplete topics we help our clients understand and solve include:

  • Ensure autocomplete delivers lightening fast results.
  • Use data from any source such as a Solr index, search logs, databases and more
  • Leverage machine learning to automatically surface and tune results
  • Provide best practice guidance on desktop and mobile presentation styles that resonate with users
  • Implement Solr features including spell correction, synonyms, phrases, partial words, parts of words and much more

Our Solr experts have implemented high performance autocomplete solutions for numerous clients over a broad set of search applications. We can help you with best practices, architecture and configuration or turnkey solutions. Engage us to quickly and efficiently create a great solution that will delight your users.


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