FindTuner for Drupal Commerce Solr Optimization Made Easy

FindTuner for Drupal Commerce & Solr


There are many studies over the years that highlight shoppers using search are more inclined to convert. Studies also show a high percentage of customer churn is due to frustrating search experiences. To increase conversion rates, enhance order values and provide the experiences today’s shoppers demand, online retailers must provide exceptional search and browse experiences. Drupal Commerce and Solr offer great search technology but with the right automation and business-user tools powered by FindTuner, you can achieve significant improvements in search performance to boost revenue, increase conversions, and drive growth.

What is FindTuner

FindTuner is a search optimization and merchandising solution that empowers retailers to provide profitable, effortless product discovery experiences. It provides machine learning models that continuously learn from shopper’s behavior, purchase history and buying patterns to deliver the best results with no manual effort along with unmatched business-user tooling that makes it easy to boost products, precisely position products in the most valuable positions, or curate the perfect search experience for a marketing campaign. FindTuner enables online retailers to synchronize merchandising and marketing strategies in real time without the need to go to IT, highlight and elevate contextually relevant facets and navigation elements and provide meaningful marketing messages to raise awareness of important products, brands and offers. FindTuner provides the perfect balance of automation and human-touch to meet any business objective.

Key Features

FindTuner is a full-featured platform that excels with any B2C or B2B use-case. The system provides business-user tooling that enables easy configuration, fast strategy authoring, insightful testing, and a robust, scalable architecture. Deployment is straightforward and once configured, it can be fed your analytics and you’ll see improved results immediately while being hands off from the start. FindTuner gives you the flexibility and freedom to:

  • Driving uplift with machine learning and KPI’s – FindTuner’s AutoTune system continuously improves search results using machine learning with shopper behavior, buying patterns and analytics. AutoTune instantly responds to emerging trends without manual intervention and improves shopper experience with relevant, personalized, and consistent search and category listings. FindTuner also makes it easy and intuitive to blend KPI data to dynamically rank results and positively influence conversion. KPI metrics such as conversion rate, ratings and reviews, stock status, popularity, inventory and sales rank can be used to deliver the perfect mix of products.
  • Facet customization made easy – Creating the ideal facet and filter experience, particularly when the product catalog has hundreds if not thousands of attributes, can be an overwhelming if not impossible task for merchandisers. FindTuner AutoTune’s Dynamic Facets feature delivers the right facets and filters based on the product results for any search or navigation. Paired with AutoTune’s facet ordering machine learning model, merchandisers can automatically show the right facets in the perfect order with no manual effort. While AutoTune delivers your core navigation experience, rest assured you have the power and control to curate facets and facet values based on business objectives.
  • Product Promotions that Convert – Retailers and merchandisers are empowered with tools to shape the ideal consumer experience and meet business objectives by promoting products or product groups for any combination of search, navigation and/or shopper context. FindTuner’s precise product promotion features enable you to easily control the most valuable positions in your search results. Driven by machine learning, FindTuner provides recommendations features that spotlight and elevate products to enhance cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Merchandisers are empowered to create engaging, visual navigation links to categories and brands at any level.
  • Powerful and flexible targeting – Merchandising efforts can be tailored towards lucrative user segments and crafted to deliver personalized shopping experiences. Merchandising actions may be based on either broad or highly refined conditions and can take into account a shopper’s search, navigation, context or any combination allowing you to easily pinpoint the right moment with campaigns that resonate and match the shopper’s intent. Creating customized collections of products of any size, displaying promotional banners and personalizing search results help you deliver experiences that convert.

FindTuner Integration with Drupal Commerce

FindTuner is integrated with Drupal Commerce via a module that works with Drupal’s Search API and its Search API Solr modules making adoption quick and painless. Our module provides the glue that brings the storefront and the FindTuner Merchandising Server together by routing queries to the Merchandising Server which communicates with Solr and applies machine learning models and merchandising strategies to the results. Installation of the module is very simple and is all that is required to enable FindTuner’s AutoTune and search merchandising features. FindTuner easily scales to any size product collection and shopper traffic. FindTuner is architected to seamlessly handle multiple storefronts with unique product catalogs. 

How to Learn More

FindTuner’s extensive machine learning and human-touch features enable online retailers to easily meet objectives while working seamlessly with Drupal Commerce and Solr. If you are looking to elevate and optimize your Solr search experiences with Drupal Commerce we’d appreciate the opportunity to speak with you and provide a demo. More information can be found on the Drupal Commerce Search Merchandising page on Also, please check out our expert Solr services.