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Search Merchandising Solutions

A common need for search solutions has been the requirement for merchandisers to take direct control over and influence the behavior of search results to maximize the profitability of the site. Innovent Solutions has worked with many IR500 companies to deliver eCommerce search solutions using a variety of search technologies, and we have worked extensively with business and IT teams to integrate the technology with merchandising strategies necessary to run a modern eCommerce site.


Innovent Solutions understands the importance of your brand and maximizing conversion with search-driven landing pages. We have worked with many clients to utilize important conversion and inventory metrics to influence results, and to do so with no visible intrusion to the shopper's experience. We understand the need to quickly adapt search to a trending promotional campaign. We can work wtih you to leverage your analytics data into your search strategy, and ensure you have a healthy view of your user's search and navigation behavior.


Our solutions have helped our clients turn browsers into shoppers, and shoppers into buyers.


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