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Converting shoppers to buyers hinges upon elegantly presenting the products your buyers are seeking. While search and navigation provide excellent means to that end, making direct recommendations that correctly predict the intent of your shopper provides a powerful drive to conversion.


Your unique product catalog and business, and most importantly your unique community of consumers, provide powerful signals to drive recommendations. Products can be rendered into carefully crafted landing pages, category navigation pages, general search results, product detail pages, or any other location on your storefront where the customer's attention is focused.


Recommendations could be presented in a number of ways, including:

  • Customers Who Purchased This Product Also Bought
  • Part of a Set
  • Purchased Together
  • Top Sellers in (category)
  • Customers with Similar Searches Viewed
  • Similar Products

Recommendation Services

Powerful technologies are available to drive recommendations. You may be considering one of the many SaaS vendors that leverage their global merchant client data for aggregated results. Your ERP, Sales, and website analytics data can be transformed into simple and effective recommendations. Perhaps a better fit is an on-premise solution leveraging best-in-breed applications like Hadoop MapReduce or Mahout, tailor-made to your unique community and needs.


We offer a broad array of services to help deliver your recommendations and drive your conversion of shoppers to buyers. We can help you:

  • Evaluate recommendation engines and solutions
  • Provide advisory and best practice guidance
  • Configure, tune, and improve existing recommendation services
  • Transform your product catalog and customer data into recommendation formats
  • Integrate your recommendations solution into your website
  • Develop a custom solution that can include:
    • Clustering
    • Categorization
    • Entity extraction
    • Semantic analysis
    • Predictive analysis

Leverage our many years of eCommerce experience to help drive your recommendations to your prospective buyers.


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