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Creating a rewarding shopping experience for your consumer depends upon accurately and quickly presenting the products your shopper desires. Knowing what your customer desires depends upon knowing your customer. Personalized shopping experiences provide a unique journey for your shopper to not only become a buyer, but to become a loyal buyer that recognizes your understanding of their diverse needs.


A personalized shopping experience leverages the wealth of information you have about their shopping experience: cart purchases, regional profiles, gender and age details, and their path through your online store. Additional segmentation details can be injected through the shopping experience to seamlessly learn about your consumer. Using all of this data, as well as invaluable information from social media, your eCommerce site can be elevated to a personal shopping experience.


Innovent Solutions has many years of experience helping online stores evolve their eCommerce presentation to leverage and make sense of shopper personalization, market segmentation, and customer analytics metrics. We understand not only the complex needs of your consumer's online experience, but how to make sense of all of the information available to implement and act upon this invaluable strategy.


Whether you are implementing a solution from one of the many best-in-breed vendors in the eCommerce personalization and market segmentation space, or you are building a solution from the ground up, let us assist you. We can provide guidance and best practice consulting, talented implementation engineers, and great analysis to increase your customer satisfaction, your conversion, and ultimately your bottom line.


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