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Magento Search Extensions

Innovent Solutions has implemented Magento search and merchandising solutions for numerous Magento Community and Magento Enterprise clients. Services include best practices consulting, search implementation, search optimization and relevancy tuning.


Additionally, we have created Magento search extensions that enable our clients to use a search engine of choice to improve search for Magento. Our prebuilt, tested and proven Magento search extensions follow Magento programming practices and accelerate the implementation process so that you can deliver fast, accurate and relevant search results to users. In addition to providing integration to a search engine, the components have many additional value-added features that help site administrators maintain search through the Magento Administration panel. Features include attribute selection and management, attribute boosting, automated data export and indexing, and Autocomplete.


Please click the link below for the search provider you are interested in or Contact Us today for a demonstration. Our components are extensible so if you have a preferred search provider not listed, contact us to discuss how we might help you to enable your search provider.

Magento Search Quality

In addition, we offer Magento search quality, performance tuning and optimization services that are designed to ensure great search results based on the user's query. Please visit our Magento Search Quality page for more information.