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Lucidworks Fusion

Lucidworks Fusion provides search developers and systems administrators the ability to build, deploy, and manage search applications efficiently. Working as a standalone search platform or as an extension of an existing Solr implementation, Fusion provides enterprise-grade capabilities that today's organizations require. Fusion enables portable applications to provide great search and AI capabilities that enable rapid experimentation, configuration, and delivery across any architecture.

Lucidworks Fusion Consulting & Implementation Services

As a long standing partner of Lucidworks, Innovent Solutions provides best practice consulting, architecture, implementation, deployment and training services for Lucidworks Fusion. Our services include:

  • Fusion installation, configuration and integration
  • Distributed search strategies
  • Architecture for a highly available solution that scales for current and future volume
  • Architecture for disaster recovery and replication
  • High performance index and query pipelines
  • Signals configuration and integration
  • Application integration
  • Index optimization to ensure relevancy
  • Performance tuning, load balancing and load testing
  • In-depth reporting and analysis of search information and usage
  • Certified Solr Training

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eCommerce Merchandising for Lucidworks Fusion

Leveraging our many years of experience deploying eCommerce Search solutions to numerous merchants with many in the Internet Retailer 100, Innovent delivers FindTuner, a powerful product for easily defining and deploying merchandising strategies for eCommerce sites using Lucidworks Fusion.

FindTuner's features work in concert with Fusion query and index pipelines, complement and leverage signals, and work seamlessly with Fusion’s powerful cluster management. FindTuner enables merchants to create engaging search experiences that convert shoppers into buyers.

Learn more about FindTuner merchandising for Lucidworks Fusion here.


About Lucidworks Fusion

Fusion enhances and extends Apache Solr to enable more insight from structured and non-structured data faster and easier than before. Additionally, Fusion provides an enhanced experience that makes development and deployment more efficient. Key features of Fusion include:

  • Full support for any Solr deployment including SolrCloud, Lucidworks Search (2.x), and stand-alone mode.
  • Deeper support for recommendations including Item-to-Query, Query-to-Item, and Item-to-Item via aggregated signals over datapoints such as click-throughs, purchases, ratings, and social signals like Twitter.
  • Easily add intelligence to search applications with pre-tuned machine learning models.
  • Enhanced application development with REST APIs, index-side and query-time pipelines, with sophisticated connector frameworks.
  • Advanced web and filesystem crawlers with multi-threaded HTML and document connectors, document de-duplication, and incremental crawling.
  • Integrated entity extraction and content filtering tools.
  • Integrated security management for roles and users supporting HTTPS, LDAP, and native methods.
  • Search, log, and trend analytics for any log type with real-time and historical data using SiLK (Solr, Logstash, Kibana).