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Lucidworks Fusion Training

Getting Started with Lucidworks Fusion

This one-day class provides a technical overview of Lucidworks Fusion, a Solr-powered app development platform for building data and search-driven apps. Topics include how Fusion interacts with Solr, implementing Fusion’s Signals feature, and how to improve the relevancy of your search results.




Course Outline

  • How Fusion overlays on top of Solr
  • How to set up collections and data connectors using Fusion
  • How to modify the data stream going into Solr via Fusion index pipelines
  • How queries can be improved and marked up prior to being sent to Solr using Fusion’s query pipelines
  • How to set up security and group authentication using Fusion’s built-in security infrastructure
  • How to use and interpret Fusion’s Signals feature to close the feedback loop between search users and the search engine
  • How to improve the relevancy of search results

Who Should Attend?

This course is intended for Developers. System Administrators are welcome to attend, but it is primarily designed for people who have experience developing web applications in Java, PHP, Ruby or similar languages.


Solr Unleashed or equivalent experience. This course is targeted at developers and power users who know Solr, but want to learn Fusion.


Instructor-led lectures accompanied by hands-on lab exercises, examples, and tutorials.

Course Materials

Participants receive electronic copies of all slides and handouts, as well as links to other resources and code downloads.