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Apache Solr

SAP Commerce (Hybris) Solr Search

Innovent Solutions provides SAP Commerce Solr search configuration, integration, relevancy tuning and merchandising solutions that deliver the products your shoppers want to buy. We offer best practice consulting, architecture and search optimization services that take SAP Commerce to a new level. Partner with us to deliver highly relevant search results that improve the quality of the shopper experience and increase conversions. Our services include:

  • Solr installation, configuration and integration
  • Optimization to ensure relevancy, indexing speed and query performance
  • Architecture for a high availability that scales for current and future volume
  • Distributed search strategies and architecture for disaster recovery and replication
  • Solr performance tuning, load balancing and load testing

SAP Commerce Solr Relevancy Tuning

Innovent Solutions provides SAP Commerce Solr relevancy tuning services specifically targeted to search quality that are designed to enhance the shopping experience. Using our proven methodology along with your analytics, search data and business goals, we bring together your vision for search with solutions that dramatically enhance relevancy and product visibility. Our experience in eCommerce search and SAP Commerce, along with our deep Solr expertise, enables us to achieve improvements quickly and efficiently. Work with us to​:

  • Dramatically improve keyword search results
  • Tune for precision and recall
  • Enrich content using machine learning, entity extraction, classification, and metadata
  • Improve autocomplete results in the search box
  • Drive uplift using metrics such as sales margin, inventory, geo location, popularity or search analytics

Please Contact Us today to discuss how we can help you improve Solr SAP Commerce search results.


SAP Commerce Merchandising

Innovent offers a solution for SAP Commerce merchandising called FindTuner. FindTuner gives merchandisers the power and control to easily implement strategies that provide high-quality, relevant search results, enhance and personalize the shopping experience and optimize revenue and profitability. For more information please visit FindTuner for SAP Commerce.


Please Contact Us today to discuss how we can help you improve Solr Commerce search results.