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Apache Solr

Great Search with SAP Commerce & Solr is Within Reach

Great search with SAP Commerce & Solr is within reach. If you're struggling to deliver great search results be assured that Solr with SAP Commerce can provide exceptional results, and in a very short timeframe.

Innovent Solutions provides SAP Commerce Solr tuning services that are designed to enhance the shopping experience, optimize product visibility and grow sales. Using our proven methodology along with analytics, search data and your business goals, we bring together your vision for search with solutions that dramatically enhance search and category results and increase product visibility and search conversions.

Our experience with numerous SAP Commerce clients along with our deep eCommerce search and Solr expertise enables us to achieve improvements quickly and efficiently. Partner with us to​:

  • Dramatically improve search and category results.
  • Enrich content using machine learning, entity extraction, classification, and metadata.
  • Improve autocomplete results in the search box.
  • Optimize for mobile.
  • Effectively utilize clickstream, purchase history and personalization KPI's to improve search.
  • Drive uplift using metrics such as sales margin, inventory, geo location, popularity and search analytics.

Contact Us today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation that will be light on sales-pitch and geared towards providing you knowledge. We'll discuss your experiences with search and deliver guidance on how issues may be resolved to get you on your way to achieving your business goals.