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Google Search Appliance Alternative

Google's support for the Google Search Appliance is ending in March 2019. Are you ready to migrate to Google Search Appliance alternatives such as Solr, Elasticsearch or Lucidworks Fusion? If so, Innovent has the services and know-how to successfully and efficiently meet your objectives. In fact, we've already carried out successful Google Search Appliance migration projects for clients that provide better results than the GSA-based solution.

With the success of the end user at the forefront, our Google Search Appliance migration services are designed to provide highly optimized, scalable search solutions that provide rich, relevant results. At a high-level, our services include:

  • Apache Solr, Elasticsearch or Lucidworks Fusion installation, configuration and integration.
  • Integration with content systems including SharePoint, file systems, website content and other structured and unstructured sources.
  • Integration with security systems such as LDAP.
  • High performance data ingestion pipelines.
  • Index optimization to ensure relevancy.
  • Front-end presentation of search results, facets, clustering and the like.
  • In-depth reporting and analysis of search information and usage.
  • Certified Solr Training.

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