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Innovent Solutions Releases FindTuner® v2.5

The new release provides Solr configuration features, enhances usability and increases API performance.


IRVINE, CA – January 11, 2017 – Innovent Solutions, Inc., a leading integrator of eCommerce search and merchandising solutions using Apache Solr, today released FindTuner® version 2.5. The new release provides Solr configuration features, enhances usability and increases performance.

“Innovent Solutions is excited to deliver the latest release of FindTuner to its clients” said Keith Mericle, Innovent Solutions’ CEO. “The new features have been driven by client feedback and provide merchandisers more control in crafting optimized and personalized experiences for shoppers.”


Release highlights include:

  • Solr Configuration Editor: Merchandisers with appropriate privileges now have the ability to configure Solr, including synonyms and stop words.
  • Usability improvements: Merchandisers may now reorder, enable and disable rule triggers and trigger groups, as well as enable and disable merchandising actions within a rule. Facet configuration has been enhanced. A new Drilldown action provides the ability to funnel shopper navigation. FindTuner now notifies the merchandiser if a new rule has the same trigger as an existing rule.
  • API Performance: The FindTuner API has several scalability improvements to handle any retailer’s needs for peak traffic and requests per second.
  • Enhanced Visualizer: The rule visualizer application provides enhanced feedback and inspection tools to the merchandiser to better understand Solr queries and FindTuner rules.

About FindTuner

FindTuner is a merchandising solution for Apache Solr that gives merchandisers the power and control to easily implement impactful strategies that provide high-quality, relevant search results, enhance and personalize the shopping experience and optimize revenue and profitability.


Merchants that are already using Solr will find FindTuner can be deployed rapidly. Innovent offers deployment consulting services focused on education and knowledge transfer along with development and deployment support to assist clients with launching the solution quickly. For merchants considering migrating to Solr, Innovent provides end-to-end Solr consulting and integration services that enable a seamless transition and fast time to market.

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About Innovent Solutions

Innovent Solutions provides consulting services and solutions for Search, Business Intelligence and eCommerce technologies. Founded in 1996, Innovent Solutions has helped numerous eCommerce merchants deploy search solutions that optimize product visibility and deliver a feature-rich search experience to customers. Our solutions leverage merchandising techniques to boost product visibility as well as integrate metric-driven information to improve search relevancy and product conversion. Innovent Solutions is a privately held company headquartered in Irvine, CA.


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