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Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search, Universal Search & Intranet Search

Although in many cases used as a tactical solution, search engine applications have become a key component of the information management landscape. Companies across the business spectrum are using search technology to access corporate information from intranet and extranet sites, document repositories, eBusiness applications and business intelligence databases. Doing so helps to increase productivity by making it as easy for employees to find information inside the organization as it is to find it on the web.


Innovent Solutions can assist your organization with the complexities of multiple repositories and use search as a powerful solution for presenting a diverse blend of highly relevant information quickly. Our extensive background in security gives us excellent strategies for authentication and authorization policies.


Site Search

Many web site visitors use search to find products, services, support and knowledge base information. Providing search functionality enables companies to convert visitors into customers by helping them find exactly what they're looking for. Additionally, good site search enables companies to retain existing customers by providing them intuitive access to relevant information about new products or to get support on products already purchased.


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