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Embedded Business Intelligence

Your company has created a great product. Your product managers, designers, and software developers have built a unique application that provides best in class service and function. How much time have you spent on the Business Intelligence layer that is used to expose your application?

For many software companies, Business Intelligence and reporting is an afterthought, just a check box on the evaluation diagram. However, for the people that purchase and use your system, Business Intelligence plays a significant role in their satisfaction.

  • Do your reports help guide your clients in their decision process?
  • Can your clients personalize the out-of-box reports to match their corporate brand?
  • Can your clients customize the reports?
  • Do your reports support all of the languages and currencies where you sell your product?
  • Do your reports integrate with your core application or are they an add on?
  • Can your sales people use the reports that ship with your product to differentiate from your competitors?

Innovent Solutions has extensive experience working with Independent Software Vendors to build business intelligence solutions that become a feature of the sales cycle. Rather than providing a check box, the BI solution becomes a key differentiator. Innovent Solutions can help you:

  • Augment your applications with business intelligence capabilities
  • Seamlessly Integrate BI functionality quickly and easily
  • Customize BI interfaces with your application's look and feel
  • Speed time to market with appropriate consulting services that are right for your project