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Elasticsearch Consulting

With the success of the end user at the forefront, our services are designed to provide highly optimized, scalable Elasticsearch solutions that provide rich, relevant results. At a high-level, our services include:

  • ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) installation, configuration and integration
  • Distributed search strategies
  • High performance data ingestion pipelines
  • Content enrichment using entity extraction and metadata
  • Index optimization to ensure relevancy
  • Elasticsearch relevancy tuning
  • In-depth reporting and analysis of search information and usage

Elasticsearch Relevancy Tuning

Innovent Solutions provides Elasticsearch relevancy tuning services specifically targeted to search quality that are designed to surface and enhance highly relevant information. Using our proven methodology, Innovent works with business users, technical staff and other stakeholders to systematically review and analyze search behavior and tune Elasticsearch accordingly. Areas that can be tuned and improved include:

  • Search results from keyword searching
  • Stategies for tuning for precision and recall
  • Using entity extraction and metadata
  • Autocomplete results in the search box
  • For eCommerce, product data augmentation with data such as sales margin, popularity or search analytics
  • Magento Elasticsearch tuning.

Elasticsearch Advisory Services

If you are embarking on a Elasticsearch implementation and would like to leverage Elasticsearch experts from the outset and throughout the project, or you have an existing Elasticsearch solution and want to ensure it is following best practices for configuration, optimization and effectiveness, Innovent offers Elasticsearch advisory and consulting services that are designed to:

  • Put your Elasticsearch solution on solid footing with all-around best practice advice.
  • Review how your Elastic search solution is setup and configured and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Consult and provide recommendations for improving search relevancy.
  • Improve the experience of search-users as they search and discover content.
  • Help you scale for current and future search volume.

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