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eCommerce Search

Innovent Solutions has many years of experience designing and implementing eCommerce search and merchandising solutions. Our consultants understand the importance of conversion, acquisition and retention, branding, and the culture of eCommerce. Whether your eCommerce site is for the consumer or business-to-business we have participated in the creation of search solution strategies to increase ROI.


We will work with you to gather business and technical requirements, locate and aggregate content, and build the rules that enable a merchandised eCommerce site. Whether you're considering a new implementation of search or have an existing implementation, Innovent Solutions provides the services and know-how to help you realize the most value from your investment.


Grow, Maintain, Maximize

Innovent Solutions offers numerous services to help you grow, maintain and realize maximum value from your investment. Each of these service offerings can have a significant, positive impact on your ability to connect your customers with the products they seek thereby driving customer loyalty, conversion rates and increasing revenue. These services are designed to help you:

  • Improve the Quality of Search - We can help you improve the quality of search by exposing and enhancing the searchable data available by augmenting it with highly relevant information such as analytics data, reviews, inventory and forecast and sales metrics. Additionally, we can help fine-tune relevancy by discovering and resolving patterns which will help improve search results and reduce "noise".
  • Maximize Return on Investment through Features Integration - We can provide consulting, coaching and implementation services to help you create the appropriate business rules and relevancy controls using a methodology that matches your sales goals. Additionally, we can implement enhanced search features such as Autocomplete, Personalized Search based on customer history and Multi-select search to help your customers find what they want, faster.
  • Automate and Simplify System Management - Your search solution needs to be reliable, maintainable and responsive. We can help you automate and simplify your search solution with solutions that automate index distribution, provide business rule management, backup and recovery, system upgrades and performance optimization.
  • Report, Measure and Analyze using Business Intelligence - Move beyond out-of-the-box reports and see the metrics that are really important to you and how your users are using search. Integrate search traffic with sales data to measure search impact. Provide performance monitoring solutions that allows IT to understand how search is performing and identify issues early on.

Innovent Solutions works with a variety of commercial and open source commerce search products including Apache Solr, Amazon Cloudsearch, Adobe Search and Promote and Google Search Appliance. Additionally, we are experienced with integrating these technologies into a variety of commerce platforms, including hybris, Magento, Websphere Commerce, ATG and GSI.


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