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Data Management

In our experience, good data management techniques are the foundation of any business intelligence system. If users cannot trust the data they are analyzing, decision making capabilities will be severly limited. Likewise, data management techniques can and should be applied to enterprise search and eCommerce search systems, where the data sources tend to be many, and may vary widely in the quality, quantity of format of the data.


Innovent Solutions consultants use a business driven approach to create information assets that can be used quickly, reliably and securely. Our focus is to gain a detailed understanding of the data that is used by systems to ensure that the quality level is sufficient to meet the requirements of the consumers of that data.


Data Management for BI

Although very much linked to the technology environment, data management in business intelligence addresses the issues faced by the business community in using the data within their organization. Examples of data management deficiencies include low data quality, non-integrated enterprise data models, absence of data governance (data ownership/stewardship), and poor analytical and reporting capabilities.


Innovent Solutions consultants deliver their optimum value as liaisons between the business and IT communities, as exemplified by the example of poor data quality within an organization: business users will often complain that the data they require to perform their activities is not "good enough", and will naturally turn towards IT employees for a resolution to their issues. However, data quality often means something different to a business person than it does to an IT person.

With the goal of solving business issues with data, our services include the following:

  • Governance: Establish policies and procedures to properly manage and utilize an organization's digital assets
  • Enterprise Data Modeling (EDM): Unify the data structure and information processes within the organization, independently of its technical infrastructure
  • Data Quality Programs: Design and establishes a set of procedures to ensure a set level of quality standards are consistently met within the organization
  • Profiling: Inspect data for errors, inconsistencies, redundancies and incomplete information
  • Quality: Standardize and verify data
  • Integration: Match, merge or link data from a variety of disparate sources
  • Augmentation: Enhance data using information from internal and external data sources
  • Monitoring: Check and control data integrity over time


Data Management for Enterprise Search

To solve business problems, knowledge workers increasingly are utilizing enterprise search technologies to locate relevant, secure content quickly and easily, and discover new content that may have been previously hidden. Further, as users are relying on unstructured data as well as structured data for decision making, a growing number of organizations are using search technology to replace or enhance traditional BI-based approaches for data access and consumption.


With the volume and number of data sources growing rapidly each day, so does the importance of good data management pracitices. Innovent Solutions applies proven data management techniques to data sources that are consolidated or federated into enterprise search technologies to ensure users can trust the timeliness, accuracy and relevancy of the data they are using.



Data Management for eCommerce Search

Shoppers on eCommerce sites make purchase decisions based on numerous factors including product data, recommendations, reviews, merchandising information and web analytics data. If a shopper loses trust in the information they view as they browse an eCommerce site, they lose confidence in the site and likely abandon. For example, how would a shopper react if they find several instances of the same product on a site or in search results?


Using proven data management techniques can improve the quality, reliability and accuracy of your eCommerce data, giving shoppers on your site the confidence they need to become buyers and enable long lasting relationships.