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Custom BIRT Training for DCO Insight

Schneider Electric provides a comprehensive Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) suite, StruxureWare for Data Centers, which enables optimal management of the data center across multiple domains. One of the applications within the suite, Data Center Operation (DCO), utilizes the Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) to perform analysis of the data collected and managed by DCO. As the DCIM application is built using the Eclipse platform it was a natural choice to embed BIRT as the report engine.


Schneider Electric enables clients to customize 25 standard report designs, as well as create new types of analysis through Data Center Operation: Insight (DCO Insight), a customized version of the BIRT Report Designer.


Schneider Electric provides comprehensive training on all aspects of its products but the training development team had limited experience working with BIRT. Recognizing that it would provide faster results to adapt existing BIRT training materials rather than start from scratch, Schneider Electric chose to partner with Innovent Solutions to create and deliver customized BIRT training for DCO Insight.

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