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BI Strategy, Design & Expertise

Innovent Solutions has been building business intelligence solutions for our clients since our founding in 1995. We have helped hundreds of clients achieve their BI goals, on projects that range in scope from quick, one week engagements to large multi-year projects. Our experience spans numerous business intelligence products and multiple project management techniques.

Innovent has found that a successful business intelligence project is dependent on a few core principles such as communication, experience, iteration, testing and flexibility. Our experience is that these principles apply to virtually every project regardless of the technology that is being used. Innovent believes in engagements that are crafted to fit your individual project goals and objectives to address areas such as:

  • User skills and goals
  • Technical environment
  • Business domain
  • Budget and time constraints
  • Process management culture

Combining your project goals and objectives with Innovent's BI experience, together we can create a system architecture and project plan to deliver successfully. Our consultants then will work closely with your team to build and deploy a system that will grow and evolve as your BI requirements change and mature.



Business Intelligence Strategy

Agile BI

Innovent has embraced both of the common Agile BI definitions: self-service analysis and agile project management practice. Innovent has had great success with agile projects where the business users and IT are closely aligned to perform iterative development with short incremental build cycles. We have also found self-service analysis delivered to the appropriate community with the right technical tools complements the entire agile process cycle. Using these techniques Innovent can help you to deliver information quicker and more affordably.

BI Platform Architecture

Whether you are implementing business intelligence for the first time, extending an existing system, migrating to a new system or upgrading, Innovent can provide guidance in assessing and updating your architecture and infrastructure. Innovent is particularly adept at integrating your BI solution with your existing data, security, and web infrastructure. We can work with you to deploy your system on your premises, or in the cloud with vendor on-demand solutions or trusted hosting providers.


People expect to have a personalized experience that provides them the high level data they want, with an ability to drill into details as needed. Rather than deliver BI through menus and tree view components we strive to use dashboard technologies that provide high level analysis, while facilitating navigation into more detailed analysis.

Business Analytics

Today's business professional expects to be able to work with and explore information without having to go through a rigorous design process with the IT team. The solutions that we deploy provide user-focused analytics that allow your customers to explore the information assets in an intuitive and secure manner.

Enterprise Reporting

Innovent works with best-in-class reporting tools to develop formatted reports that are either batch generated or run on-demand for users inside and outside the firewall. We build high performance solutions that are integrated into your overall business intelligence information flow.

Managed Spreadsheets

The most popular business intelligence analysis tool is the spreadsheet. Users intuitively understand the row and column metaphor, which they can quickly adapt to their particular requirements. Many BI products support the use of managed spreadsheets to empower users with spreadsheet analysis, while giving IT the peace of mind that users are working with accurate data.



Business Intelligence Design

Do you remember that old greenbar report that looked like a wall of numbers? Those reports were information-rich but required either a lot of experience or time to be useful. The difficulty deriving meaning from data has become more acute as systems accumulate more and more data. Unfortunately many business users still think of BI requirements in terms of tables of numbers, "just give me the data and I will figure out the meaning."

Modern business intelligence can be so much more than a wall of numbers. Today we have the ability to add meaning and context to data and present it as information that is easy to understand. Innovent Solutions will work with your team to understand your goals and objectives and then help you to take advantage of the features in your business intelligence tool to build reports and analytics that will allow you to:

  • Perform data exploration through linking and drilling
  • Derive context from historical trends
  • Compare results to company goals
  • Explore and uncover data relationships through data visualization

Innovent can help you to design dashboards, analytics, and reports that will give meaning and context to your information. Our solutions will allow your users to quickly and securely navigate to the information that allows them to have the information they require to make intelligent decisions.




Domain Expertise

Business intelligence solutions all begin with a deep understanding of the goals and objectives for a particular business domain. Innovent's consultants engage with your business and subject matter experts to understand the needs of business and design the appropriate BI solution. Our ability to communicate with your business users, using the language of your business, separates us from those that are just looking for a set of requirements.

Since our founding in 1995, Innovent has been building BI solutions in a wide variety of industries. Our repeat experience in several of those industries has allowed our consultants to become adept at the language of the business. Innovent has extensive experience in the following business domains.

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Health Care
  • Human Capital Management

When you work with Innovent Solutions, you are not just getting a programmer that is looking for a set of coding requirements. Innovent consultants are highly experienced professionals that are looking to engage with your business to provide solutions that will deliver accurate information that can be used to make intelligent decisions.