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Blackboard Reporting & Analytics

Blackboard, Inc. develops solutions for the K-12 school, college campus, workplace, and communities that increase the impact of education by transforming the experience of education. Blackboard embeds BIRT as its reporting and business intelligence tool. As with other enterprise-level systems, the amount of data in Blackboard is extensive and when used properly, can provide valuable insights to help you manage your business better.


Innovent Solutions provides expert consulting and training services for Blackboard Product Development and Global Services, and has been a trusted partner in the area of reporting. We serve as advisors and support to the management and technical personnel of Blackboard and have assisted Blackboard Global Services in the upgrade of custom reports from previous versions of the Blackboard product.


Our experience includes creating most of product-level BIRT reports, many of which involved advanced reporting and charting techniques. Examples include:

  • Course evaluation reports
  • Improvement initiative reports
  • Learning standards reports
  • Program coverage reports
  • Rubric outcomes reports
  • SOG (Standards, Objectives, Goals) alignment and coverage reports
  • Survey results reports

Additionally, we are very experienced working with or delivering the following:

  • Blackboard Reporting infrastructure
  • Common and intermediate level reports libraries.
  • Multilingual translation
  • Custom report controls
  • Blackboard application server and BIRT interface
  • BIRT training