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BI for your Product, Embedded BI

Almost every product requires a business intelligence solution; your users are going to want to be able to work with the data your application collects. Innovent works with a variety of open source and commercial products that provide great platforms for embedded BI solutions. These products provide ease of use, powerful features, and flexible distribution models so that you can quickly add business intelligence and reporting to your product.


Integrating a BI product as part of a packaged solution faces challenges not typically seen in traditional project or enterprise BI solutions. An embedded business intelligence solution requires a level of maturity that many applications take years to reach, and the timelines and budgets are often even tighter. Our experience helping a variety of OEM/ and ISV companies to add BI to their packaged solutions has taught us how to address these challenges and get it right from the start.


First we focus on the end client experience. We want your product to have BI that looks great, provides actionable information, and is easy to use and navigate. We want your BI solution to be a featured part of your product, something that helps you distinguish your product from your competitors.


Seamless integration between your product and BI technologies is also critical. We want your users to feel that the BI solutions is a natural extension of your product. We also strive to use integration technology that your developers will be comfortable with. Most applications have built in solutions such as security, branding, data access and localization; our goal is to leverage those solutions in your BI solution.


Ease of report development is also critical to product based engagements. Report customization, new report development and report maintenance needs to be easy for your product team and for your clients. Innovent Solutions knows how to architect your BI development environment so that developers can get started quickly, even if they are new to the BI technology. Our development best practices strive to create reusable, repeatable solutions to make it easy to create consistent reports that are easy to maintain.