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BI for your Enteprise

Enterprise information management solutions present unique challenges: security, scalability, ease of adoption to name a few. Innovent Solutions has helped our clients to implement Enterprise class solutions using the vendor and open source BI stacks that we represent. For many organizations, we strongly recommend the purchase and adoption of an appropriate commercial information management technology. The vendor's turn key solutions, built-in integration models, training and support contracts can be well worth the up front cost of the software.


Other organizations have made a commitment to the use of open source software (OSS). They recognize that OSS is not a free (beer) solution. These companies are willing pay the development and maintenance costs that are a part of OSS because they value the freedom to own the technology. Innovent can help the companies integrate the appropriate open source components to the enterprise stack to create a complete business intelligence system.


In either case, Innovent Solutions enterprise BI solutions are designed to support multiple business units and projects. At the core of our solutions we focus on security, scalability and performance. System integration with the related enterprise systems is the critical glue that makes the information management system robust and useful. Innovent focuses on ease of adoption, working to use and build appropriate API models that allow any project or team to integrate enterprise business intelligence into the application stack.


Ease of use is crucial to an enterprise BI system. When the end user arrives at the system they need to have clean user interfaces that are easy to navigate. At the same time the program interfaces (APIs) exposed to the projects and business units using the system need to be easy to adopt and integrate. Finally, creating new content for the system needs to be easy.


Innovent Solutions has the experience to partner with your organization to create the enterprise solution that you want. Our consulting services can help you to design and build the system from the ground up. Our support services can provide your developers with the help they need for report development, server deployment and production system support. Our training services will guide your developers so that they can develop the experise they need