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Actuate to SAP BusinessObjects Migration

The Employee Benefits (EB) division at a major insurance firm was the largest consumer of Actuate reporting services within the company. After seven years, it was time for EB to upgrade Actuate. At the same time, Corporate IT wanted EB to migrate to SAP BusinessObjects which had become the business intelligence standard.


The business was reluctant to fund either an upgrade or a migration if it did not provide direct return on investment through either improved end-user experience, reduced cost, or an improved ability to create new reports.


EB’s reporting solution was highly customized and complex. The previous upgrade had been costly with issues in both the web interface and the report designs. The reports were riddled with custom code that addressed both data issues and complex presentation rules. The report portal was a customized version of the Actuate portal that allowed EB to integrate reporting with the look and security of EB’s other web applications.


Analysis of the cost to upgrade Actuate indicated that a migration to SAP may provide better long term return, primarily through reduced maintenance and support costs.

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