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Solr Autocomplete

Autocomplete is a feature that provides users with suggested queries or results as they type a query in the search box. When a user begins typing a search term or phrase, autocomplete predicts the user's query as each keystroke is made. This feature, also known as search as you type or SAYT, is one that users have come to expect and provides many benefits that enhance the search experience. When users have a great search experience, conversions, revenue and customer loyalty are positively impacted.

Based on our years of experience and numerous Solr eCommerce implementations, Innovent has created a high performance Solr autocomplete component that incorporates selectable, best-practice user interface layouts which can be quickly integrated into any storefront.




There are many benefits to implementing autocomplete including:

  • Provides an enhanced user experience
  • Instantly provides a preview of available, matching products, brands, recommendations  and related content
  • Reduces typing required by users and the likelihood of misspelled queries
  • Improves the accuracy of queries
  • When used with FindTuner, enables business users to merchandise the suggestions, perform A/B testing and much more


Our Solr autocomplete technology's main features include:

  • Highly configurable for form and function, with three ready-to-deploy example configurations included.
  • Highly responsive, AJAX-driven autocomplete
  • Highlights the matching part of the user's query
  • Ability to display product images
  • Group suggestions by category, brand and recommended products
  • Leverages Solr spell correction
  • Data sources may be a Solr index, search logs (for popular queries), databases or any source of your choosing
  • Works with any language
  • Integrates with FindTuner


Innovent's Solr Autocomplete module can be deployed with all recent versions of Solr and to any storefront. Deployment of the solution consists of connecting to an appropriate Solr request handler and the UI elements consists of AJAX (jQuery). The component can be used on its own, or in conjunction with our Solr merchandising solution: FindTuner.