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Magento Search Quality and Optimization

Utilizing modern search technology such as Solr, Amazon Cloud Search or ElasticSearch can greatly improve a user's search experience on your Magento site, particularily when compared to the standard database search that Magento provides. For example, one cannot reliably tune and improve relevancy of search results with database search. Using a third party search engine however gives you the power to increase relevance, boost results and improve ROI. While the search technology itself is a large part of a successful solution, tuning of search results to ensure quality is equally as important.


Innovent Solutions provides services specifically targeted to search quality that are designed to surface and enhance highly relevant information. Areas that can be tuned and improved include:

  • Search Results from keyword searching
  • Autocomplete results in the search box
  • Product data augmentation with data such as sales margin, popularity or search analytics

Using our proven methodology, Innovent Solutions works with business users and merchandisers to systematically review and analyze search behavior and tune the search engine accordingly.


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