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Google Search Appliance Training

Innovent Solutions is a certified Google Training Partner for Google Search Appliance training in North America. Authored by Google, the training is designed to teach students how to successfully configure, deploy, and support the Google Search Appliance. We offer the following two courses:

  • GSA 1 Deployment Basics - introductory class covering initial setup and how to configure the most common features of the appliance that all customers will want to use including searching public and secure web content, customizing user experiences, searching for experts, searching databases, improving relevancy, and setting up a backup GSA.
  • GSA 2 Deployment Intermediate - two-day, follow-on course to GSA 1 covering how to configure more advanced features that some, but not all customers, may want to use including searching file systems and SharePoint, integrating with Windows security and SSO systems, writing feeds to search any system, and writing OneBox modules to query transactional systems in real-time.

Our training courses are offered privately at your site or remotely via our live, online option.


Our courses are based on the Google Search Appliance version 7.4 and each student is provided access to a Google Search Appliance that is hosted at Google Labs, and is where hands-on labs are performed.


10% Early Bird discount automatically applied when you register 30 days prior to class start date!



How Does Live, Online Training Work

  • Live, Online training is a live, instructor-led class where we utilize GoToTraining to deliver the course.
  • Attending live, online training simply requires a phone (or VoIP), internet connection and PC configured for the course. We'll assist with setup to make sure your ready.
  • Students are able to obtain the same training as if attending an in-person class, however travel can be eliminated.